With ​Little ​More ​Than ​Your ​Keyboard​ This Web App Lets You Play Desktop DJ

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With ​Little ​More ​Than ​Your ​Keyboard​ This Web App Lets You Play Desktop DJ

New York-based designer and developer Kyle Stetz has created a web-based app that lets anyone play? desktop? DJ. Typedrummer; is a digital instrument of sorts for creating ascii (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) beats. For the rest of us, that means you can visit ?his website and type any combination of letters and/or words and ?hear it ?translated into a beat. ?In other words, it turns your computer keyboard into a drum kit.

You can even create beats using samples from the song ?”?Fool?”? by Moon Bounce, also known as “Philadelphia’s mutant pop pioneer, Corey Regensburg.”

Once you?’ve? play?ed? around on the website (it’s addicting, you’ve been warned), you can share your beats via a custom link. You can ?hear Paste Magazine’s jam here;.