Bartesian is the Machine that Makes You Drinks

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The perfect cocktail is a wondrous thing to enjoy. It’s also awfully difficult to create consistently. There is, however, hope for those of us who struggle to concoct such things. It’s called Bartesian and it’s available through a Kickstarter campaign.

The gadget, not unlike a Keurig coffee machine, works by simply adding capsules and your desired spirits. You put these capsules in the machine, select the desired drink strength, and Bartesian does the rest. Each capsule contains real, premium ingredients with no nasty artificial powders or corn syrup. Instead, they include fresh juice concentrates and non-alcoholic liqueurs, ensuring the cocktail is of the highest standard.

The machine comes with recipes for Margaritas, Cosmopolitans, and Sex on the Beaches. It also has some signature cocktails of its own such as the Bartesian Breeze (mixing rum, strawberry, pineapple and lime juice, along with coconut water), the gin based Uptown Rocks, and vodka based Zest Martini. It’s a mouthwatering compilation with more available in the future through regular support and updates.

Hoping to be the ultimate cocktail machine, Bartesian is available at a special Kickstarter price of $299. For that price, you get a machine, as well as 12 capsules with $20 buying you an additional 12 capsules. $399 will buy you a machine along with 96 capsules, setting you up for a great party ahead.

The campaign is already well on its way to achieving its target, with the project running until July 16.

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