Design a Beer Label for T. Hardy Morris

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Design a Beer Label for T. Hardy Morris

Georgia-born Southern rocker T. Hardy Morris is inviting fans and creatives to design a beer label for the upcoming release of a brew inspired by the musician. The winning label will outfit a custom batch of Nashville-based Blackstone Brewing Company’s Session Player IPA.

Morris, co-founder of the “defiantly Southern hard rock band” Dead Confederate, will release his latest album Hardy & The Hardknocks: Drownin on a Mountaintop on June 23rd. ?His past musical endeavors also include the band Diamond Rugs with members from The Black Lips, Deer Tick, and Los Lobos.

The design contest is being held through the website Creative Allies, which is a network that allows fans to design and create art for musicians?, movies and festivals?. Along with having your art displayed on the bottles of a craft beer, the winning designer will earn $500, an autographed copy of Morris’ new album?, as well as a t-shirt.

“Think outside the box and try to give this beer (known currently as Session Player IPA) an identity all to its own,” says the contest’s website.? You’re also invited to create a name for this particular beer.

?Submissions are due by July 20? at 11:59 PM? and can be submitted through ??Creative Allies?? using one of the provided templates.? You can also view the submissions as they come in on the contest’s website. ?