Let That Flag Know How You Really Feel With BooFlag

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So maybe we’re finally having that serious reckoning with what the Confederate flag means that we should’ve had when Southern states first tried to exhume that tainted banner decades ago. It’s disgusting and depressing how we finally reached this breakthrough, of course, but it’s long past time for anybody who flies that flag to retire it and think long and hard on what kind of statement they’re trying to make.

Paolo Pedercini of the Italian political game design syndicate Molleindustria has released a new game addressing the controversy surrounding the rebel flag. BooFlag lets you tell the flag exactly what you think about it through the universal language of booing. You can boo that flag straight to the dustbin of history, eventually reducing it to ashes through a cleansing fire. You might feel foolish booing your PC at work, but it’s an oddly transfixing moment shared between you, your computer and America’s greatest shame. It’s worth a click.

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