NBC's Blindspot Trailer is like Memento Meets Total Recall

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Coming this fall on Monday nights is a new series from NBC called Blindspot, starring Jaime Alexander (Thor: the Dark World) and Sullivan Stapleton (300: Rise of an Empire). According to NBC.com, the show is about a Jane Doe who is discovered naked in Times Square with various tattoos covering her entire body and no memory of who she is or how she got there. Tattooed across her back is the name of FBI agent Kurt Weller, who comes to realize, along with “Jane,” that every mark on her body is a crime to solve, leading them closer to who she really is and why this is happening.

From looking at the trailer, things appear promising. The idea of a woman with amnesia and her entire body covered in tattoos that are clues definitely must’ve taken some inspiration from Christopher Nolan’s Memento (about a guy with amnesia and his entire body covered in tattoos that are clues), or it was just a crazy coincidence. So although that idea may not be the most original, the fun twist is making those clues part of global crime solving.

There’s also an angle present in this preview that brings to mind NBC’s current hit The Blacklist, the concept of someone approaching the FBI and being paired with an agent who doesn’t know why any of this is happening as they stop crimes together. Perhaps NBC is aiming for the same audience (not a bad idea, considering The Blacklist is currently one of their top series). What might make this even more fun than The Blacklist is that neither party knows why they’ve been brought together, adding even more to the mystery concerning the pair’s connection to each other. Not only that, but the female lead in this upcoming series is clearly going to be the mysterious badass of the show, almost in the vein of River from Firefly.

With an intriguing premise and what look to be well choreographed fight scenes, Blindspot may be an upcoming hit for broadcast television.