Panera Thinks “Food Should Be Good”

Food Video
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“Food should be good.” That’s the first line of narration in this commercial. We’re thankful that got cleared up right away and this commercial wasn’t going try to tell us anything otherwise. Now that we’re all on the same page, the narrator continues her musings on life and food and — oh look at that! They’re all eating food from Panera!

Panera seems to be taking an approach that’s becoming more popular with other brands’ latest commercials, being intimate with various moments showing different people being happy and enjoying life, like Google or Coke. The message is clear, Panera brings families and friends together and promotes good times (while enjoying good food of course!).

In a recent study, Panera is one of the top fast-food brands to have high reputation with customers. Other brands that made the list were Chipotle, Wendy’s and Papa John’s, all which claim to have fresh ingredients, with slogans to back them up (“food with integrity,” “fresh, never frozen beef,” “better ingredients, better pizza, Papa John’s,”).

It’s probably only a matter of time until the ever-trying McDonald’s comes out with an ad showing kids laughing while eating french fries, a guy offering his friend the last chicken mcnugget, a happy family at a dinner table full of Big Macs and a young couple falling in love over a McFlurry. The difference with a company like Panera is that a commercial like this actually works for them. “Good food that’s good for you” is not a new idea for Panera. They were even the first nationwide chain to voluntarily post nutritional information on their menus. They have been well known to sell fresh and good-for-you food, but they probably just want to make sure you remember that now that everyone else is clamoring to meet the growing demand of fresh ingredients, free-range chickens and such.