The Beer Genome Project

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So, what the hell is in your beer anyway? And how close is that IPA related to that pale ale? Or that stout? The BeerDeCoded project aims to identify and sequence the DNA of 1000 varieties of beer, comparing their biochemical parameters. It sounds like fancy science talk, and it is, but don’t worry, the scientists promise to make an easy to understand poster of their findings. Think of it as a giant beer tree that maps the relationships between all your favorite styles of beer.

What are the practical implications of this sort of research? First, there will be an app. And with this genome info at your fingertips you’ll be able to dissect a massive beer menu and know exactly which beer you’ll love most, without knowing any details about the specific beers listed. That’s like some Rain Man shit right there.

Check out the Kickstarter project and see if it’s worth buying these scientists a beer, which they’ll then map.

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