12 Songs Perfect for Crafting

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With a steady interest in knitting, a surge in cross stitching (particularly, as we’ve found, those that are rude), and the popularity of online craft havens like Etsy and Pinterest, now is the perfect time to take up a craft. Whether you’re bonding with your grandmother, finding a moment of peace, or swearing loudly because your project doesn’t resemble what it’s suppose to look like, these 12 songs are perfect for crafting.

1. “Learn How To Knit,” Hawksley Workman
Too broke to buy a Christmas present for his love, Hawksley Workman decides to make a gift instead in this sweet piano ballad. “I’ll knit you a sweater, I’ll knit you a scarf, I’ll knit you a cigarette holder, I’ll knit you an aeroplane to fly and meet me here,” are just some of Workman’s charming handiwork. “Learn How To Knit” reminds us that homemade gifts really are the sweetest.

2. “The Hat,” Ingrid Michaelson
Done in Ingrid Michaelson’s familiar brand of folk-pop, “The Hat” is another Christmas/knitting song but with a much sadder outcome than Workman’s. Michaelson begins by reminiscing about a hat she made for her first love: “It was my first one and it was too small. It didn’t fit you at all, but you wore it just the same.” The infatuation eventually wears off though as she reveals, “so it’s Christmas time, it’s been three years and someone else is knitting things for your ears.”

3. “Holly Ann,” Judy Collins
Maybe the sheer size of a loom has slowed down weaving’s comeback but if you’ve been to a farmer’s market recently you know that there are still passionate weavers out there. Judy Collins pays homage to a weaver, her younger sister, in the wistful “Holly Ann.” Collins sings, “through her hand the bright thread travels. Blue green water, willows weeping, silver star” for a colorful creation.

4. “A Field of Birds,” The Tallest Man on Earth
Originally written as the theme song for the Montreal-based charity Yellow Bird Project, The Tallest Man on Earth (Kristian Matsson) crafts a creative story about a man who unravels (“stitches they all flew”) only to be made whole again. In “A Field of Birds” Matsson pairs his tale about love and following your dreams with sewing imagery fit for any handicrafter.

5. “Knitting Something Nice For You,” Aidan Knight
Experimental-folk musician Aidan Knight creates one of the more boisterous songs that references knitting with “Knitting Something Nice For You.” Although it begins in a hushed tone, around the minute mark the pace picks up leading to the thunderous repetition of, “all you got is knitted goods.” In a song where “knitting something nice” won’t save a relationship, these shouts are blunt reminders of what remains of the relationship.

6. “The Knitting Song,” Sophie Madeleine
Sophie Madeleine’s “The Knitting Song” is a swinging, cutesy, ukulele-filled track tied up in longing. To temporarily (“nine days don’t amount to much when you cross them off a wall”) replace her absent partner, Madeleine resolves to knit herself a sweater to keep her warm at night.

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