Connecticut Brothers Look to Clean Up Beer Pong with New Invention, Slip Cup

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Country star Toby Keith waxed poetically when he declared, “Red Solo Cup, I fill you up, let’s have a party.” That’s fine, Toby, but what if we’re too worried about filling our bodies with salmonella, listeria and e. Colli to adequately enjoy ourselves?

A Clemson University study in 2013 found that beer pong balls are riddled with harmful bacteria. A group of brothers from Connecticut aims to answer that problem and revolutionize the game with their new invention, the Slip Cup. A small insert that fits into 16- or 18-ounce disposable cups, the Slip Cup catches ping-pong balls before they can hit the liquid in the large cup and contaminate it. The inserts have “ultra-thin rims” so as to not interfere with the player’s shot, along with a catch element that prevents the ball from bouncing out of the cup. The Slip Cup is center-weighted to prevent spills, and can even be stacked and stored after the game, protecting the table from nasty beer grime all the while.

Slip Cup comes in packs of 20, and each one is engraved with a number from 1 to 10, allowing for plenty of variations on the classic game. For example, players could have to drink double if somebody lands a 3 cup, shoot left-handed if their opponent nails a 6 cup or chug for 10 seconds on a 10 cup. Of course, these are merely suggestions, and the creators encourage players to make up their own rules.

“We created Slip Cup to take the mess out of beer pong while putting the fun back into it,” creator Chase Treibt said. He and his brothers launched a Kickstarter for the project on June 29 with a goal of $70,000. With 19 days still left in the campaign, they have already raised more than $75,000, and hope to get Slip Cup into major retailers. So make a toast to finally having clean beer—and don’t be afraid to take a hearty gulp afterward.

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