Hilarious Fake Grocery Store Tips Posted in a Real Grocery Store

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I don’t think we should complain about the helpful tips regularly posted around our neighborhood grocery stores. Sure, sometimes they exist primarily to sell us something we may or may not need, but other times they offer valid advice that can help us get the most out of our food budget.

Of course making fun of something isn’t necessarily complaining about that thing. Neither is pranking people, or having a good-natured goof. Jeff Wysaski, professional goofster, is well aware of that. One of his most recent pranks was a real humdinger, with Wysaski printing out some ridiculous tips and posting them throughout a real-life grocery store. He photographed the evidence and posted them to his Obvious Plant Tumblr. If you’re looking for a good grocery store pickup line or ideas on how to stay warm in the frozen aisle, take a look at Wysaski’s tips.