It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Star Rob McElhenney to Direct Minecraft Movie

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Make Mac proud and give this bit of good news an ocular pat-down.

Rob McElhenney, known best as Mac on FX’s long-running cult comedy It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, has been selected to direct the forthcoming, live-action Minecraft film, The Wrap reports. Minecraft publisher Mojang announced McElhenney’s hiring this afternoon in a post shared by the company’s COO, Vu Bui, via Twitter:

McElhenney also took to Twitter to address the announcement and express his excitement about the project:

To say that Minecraft is incredibly popular just scratches the surface of the truth — the immersive, sandbox-style game, created by Markus “Notch” Persson, has sold more than 16 million copies since its 2009 release, making it the top-selling PC game of all time, as well as one of the top-selling video games of all time on any platform. Leveraging that massive popularity by bringing Minecraft to the silver screen screams “slam dunk.”

McElhenney’s selection speaks volumes about the direction Mojang has in mind for their Minecraft film—the man knows funny. McElhenney co-created It’s Always Sunny in 2004 and has starred in and written for the uproarious series ever since. McElhenney has directed three episodes of It’s Always Sunny along the way, and he also helmed the pilot episode of Pariah, a prospective FX series starring standup comedian Bill Burr.

McElhenney has yet to direct a feature film, but one way or another, that’s about to change. Last fall he landed a deal with Legendary Pictures to write and direct family action-adventure film Figment. Now, McElhenney replaces previous Minecraft director Shawn Levy, who walked away from the project in December due to creative differences. But from the sound of it, Mojang and McElhenney are on the exact same page.

Minecraft ’s cast can only hope that McElhenney’s directorial style is a little more relaxed than Charlie Day’s.

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