Jimmy Fallon and Chevy Chase Overcome Injuries for Piano Duet on The Tonight Show

Music Video Jimmy Fallon
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How many battered and bruised Saturday Night Live alumni does it take to play a half-decent song?

Two, apparently. Jimmy Fallon was fielding fan suggestions on last night’s The Tonight Show and was about to turn down a song request when Chevy Chase showed up to lend a hand on the piano duet, “Heart and Soul.” Each looked a little worse for wear: Fallon was still recovering from a nasty injury that almost left him without a finger, while Chase was nursing his right arm in a sling.

The cause of the arm injury? “I was whacking off old episodes of Mary Tyler Moore,” Chase quipped before being shushed by Fallon, who reminded him that many kids were watching the show. Chase then tried to amend his blunder: “I meant to say Ariana Grande videos,” he said, as Fallon exasperatedly tried to explain the inappropriateness of the remark. Chase still failed to see the point, as he pantomimed with his left arm and said, “At least I didn’t hurt this one.”

Sure, Chevy. We know you probably just took one of your pratfalls too far.

All misunderstandings aside, the duo slung an oversized tuxedo jacket over their shoulders and awkwardly hobbled over to a piano. After humming the melody and cautiously plunking a few keys, they worked their way through the main portion of “Heart and Soul,” urged along by the audience’s clapping with the beat. Questlove joined in with a simple drum beat, and soon the production devolved into Fallon’s off-key runs and Chase’s tuneless banging on the keys.

It’s not quite the Greendale school song, but it’ll do.

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