KFC is Releasing a Colonel Sanders Origins Comic Book

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KFC is going to San Diego Comic-Con this coming weekend — and will be distributing a graphic novel. The upcoming comic, titled KFC Presents: The Colonel’s Adventure Comics, will focus on the origin story of the one and only Colonel Sanders.

According to a press release, “Harland Sanders wasn’t born ‘The Colonel.’ Like most comic book heroes, he started out as an underdog and overcame obstacles that gave him superhuman cooking skills and an amazing superhero costume. Both catapulted him to iconic status,” says Kevin Hochman, chief marketing officer, KFC US. “We thought a comic about the Colonel’s true-life origins story would be interesting to fans, as well as anyone who loves an amazing superhero story—only this one is one hundred percent true.”

The comic depicts the early life of Colonel Sanders’ that lead up to the discovery of his “super power”: using a pressure cooker and that secret blend of 11 herbs and spices to make his finger lickin’ good chicken. The comic follows in the wake of recent KFC TV commercials that have refocused on the Colonel character, as now played by Darrell Hammond.

The print version of the graphic novel will only be available at Comic-Con, but a digital version is online, which you can view below.

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