One of the Last Independent Radio Stations in the Country, CD 102.5 FM, Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

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Ever driven across the country while listening to your radio? You’re clicking through station after station, seeing which one you might be able to pick up? Suddenly, the static fuzzes out, and a tune bellows through the speakers. You think, “How have I never heard of this before!?”

Well, frankly, the chances of that happening (unless you live under a rock) are slim to none these days. We’re used to radio stations playing the same music—on loop.

Except for those few gems like CD 102.5 in Columbus, Oh.

In 1990, CD 102.5 established themselves as an independently owned and operated
alternative rock radio station. Now, as one of the last remaining independent radio stations in the country, they are launching an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign from July 6 through Sept. 3 to purchase the license for the signal it currently rents. The goal for the campaign is at least a hefty $1 million, according to PR Newswire.

“We are independent and individual like our listeners,” says Randy Malloy, president and owner of the station. “We are not a mega corporation, playing the same music across multiple frequencies. We are invested in our community, supporting local artists and making sure good music gets heard.”

The purchase of the broadcast license will ensure cash flow and the station’s independence and sustainability. Independent radio offers bands and musicians the opportunity to have their music not only listened to, but appreciated. Especially those that haven’t been signed to a major record label. Live DJs, in real-time, who live in their city, not pre-recorded or streamed broadcasts, make independent radio unique.

“I grew up listening to CD 101 (102.5’s former name) and didn’t really understand what independent radio really meant until we started going to stations and realized that there is this sort of a blanket control,” says Kevin Ray of Walk The Moon. “Because of CD 101, I was exposed to cool music that I otherwise would never have discovered.”

A 25-year history will prove the reputation of CD 102.5. They’ve been a strong partner to Columbus non-profit organizations, providing arts, culture and social service organizations promotional support to reach target audiences. Through those 25 years, the station’s non-profit foundation has donated more than $1 million dollars to children’s charities.

“What began as a rag tag bunch of kids with a passion for music and a desire to make a difference, CD 102.5 is now a nationally recognized force in the music industry,” said Malloy. “CD 102.5 has a track record of breaking bands and taking chances on artists that may never have received exposure elsewhere. An investment in CD 102.5 is an investment in community, in music and the artists who create it.”

Well said, Malloy. We commend you.

To learn more, and to donate, go to:

Check out Independent Radio CD 102.5 FM Crowd Funding Indiegogo video:

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