Artist's Series Depicts Game of Thrones Characters Drawn as Pin-Up Girls

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For all its rampant sexuality, Game of Thrones is missing one thing: even more sexuality.

Fortunately, Russian artist Andrew Tarusov has illustrated a series of eye-popping posters depicting female characters from the show as early-20th-century-style pin-up girls. The stylized drawings depict Daenerys Targaryen, Cersei Lannister, Brienne of Tarth and many more of the Game of Thrones ladies as scantily clad, seductively posed, physically idealized pin-ups.


Tarusov, an illustrator and animator who specializes in vintage-style pin-ups and comics, adopted the pin-up poster aesthetic in order to blend decades-apart pop cultural icons. Few parts of our current pop culture are as simultaneously ubiquitous and racy as Game of Thrones, so Tarusov’s time-traveling, hyper-sexualized style and the HBO show are a near-perfect fit.

Cersei Pin-Up.jpg

The pin-up, however deeply rooted in American culture, is a thing of the past for a reason, though, as UCreative points out: “Of course, we should put the pin-up poster in context—an era where a woman’s potential is viewed to be tied to her sexuality. That’s another issue though.” Still another issue is the age of some of the fictional women Tarusov has drawn—the character of Arya, for example, is young enough for such a risqué depiction to be awfully problematic.


Postmodern art is often provocative, as is Game of Thrones. For better or worse, Tarusov has created a memorable combination of the two.

You can check out Tarusov’s entire Game of Thrones Pin-Up Girls series here.

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