Tory Burch Just Got $41.2 Million Richer Following Counterfeit Case

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It’s easy to imagine Tory Burch’s summer is one giant, fabulous party where everyone brunches in gorgeous dresses and rides horses while looking the Equestrian part. But even without the imagined polo extravaganzas or hyper-luxe tea engagements, the Pennsylvania-born designer will still have much to celebrate this summer.

According to Women’s Wear Daily, Burch, who was recently ranked 73rd on Forbes’s list of the most powerful women, has just been awarded $41.2 million in damages after winning a trademark infringement lawsuit she filed against Lin & J International Inc. In order to prove that the designer had stolen a range of designs and trademarks, Burch “sent a representative to Lin & J’s showroom in New York and that representative was shown a variety of knockoffs and told the minimum order was $350,” and also “identified a wholesaler in Alabama who pointed to Lin & J as their supplier of thousands of units of fake jewelry.”

The legal battle then waged on, as the accused Lin & J attempted to countersue Burch and her New York-based label on the grounds of “unfair trade practices, defamation, trademark infringement and other claims.” Having been unsuccessfully sued herself, Burch walked away from the incident with an awarded $38.9 million in damages and $2.3 million in legal fees Friday, as determined by the US District Court.

And it turns out that this isn’t the first time Burch has been successful defending her signature style. Back in 2012, the current chairman, CEO, designer and namesake of Tory Burch LLC countersued her ex-husband Chris Burch after he alleged that she wrongfully attempted to sell his stake in the company he helped set up. He set up his own fashion label, C Wonder, which Burch claimed bore an illegal resemblance to her own brand’s aesthetic. Ultimately and with the high-profile support from the likes of Anna Wintour and Diane von Furstenberg, the exes came to an agreement shortly after.

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