Haim Remix Tame Impala's "'Cause I’m A Man"

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In the words of that wise, old rock ’n’ roller Steven Tyler, “Just push play / Fuckin’ A.” Our work is done here—we’re just coasting (and listening) for the rest of this post.

With that said, Haim remixed Tame Impala’s stand-out Currents track “‘Cause I’m A Man,” and the result is a mind-bending must-hear. The Haim sisters’ ghostly, gorgeous rendition sounds like they filtered the song through stained glass quicksand—garbled, electronic low end replaces the original’s slick, ethereal R&B sheen, projecting an ambiance that would be haunting if it weren’t so damn catchy. Danielle Haim’s vocal is stellar, as well, especially in the soaring, factually inaccurate chorus. You’re crazy for this one, ladies.

Listen to Haim’s “‘Cause I’m A Man” remix—“‘Cause Haim A Man,” if you will—above. Enjoy the original Tame Impala track (plus puppets) below.

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