Rag & Bone Destroyed a Classic Porsche & Made Everybody Mad

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Today’s target of unbridled Internet outrage, thy name is Rag & Bone.

The brand demolished a classic, black 1979 Porsche 911 SC as part of its Fall 2015 ad campaign, and car lovers across the internet are taking it personally. The ad, shot by Glen Luchford and art directed by Peter Miles, shows the 911 being smashed by a massive concrete barrier, first in slow motion and then over and over again from multiple angles.

“This time marks the first time we have shot a full campaign in studio,” Rag & Bone designer Marcus Wainwright explained to Bustle. “The concept revolved around bringing the city into studio, so we wanted to capture some of that intense New York energy where anything can happen.”

Now, Rag & Bone is learning that same intense energy where anything can happen also applies to spontaneous internet outrage. An angry mob of auto enthusiasts has taken to social media to voice their discontent—here’s a smattering of their aggrieved responses, via Racked:

—From Facebook: “And somewhere else in the world someone destroys your dream car… because they can.”

—From Instagram: “Ha clearly not a single car enthusiast in the company. A car with a following like the 911 is not one to mess with!”

—From YouTube: “I emailed Porsche to tell them about this atrocious homicide. I am also reporting this video.”

—From Instagram: “You ruined a great car for the sake of some stupid clothes. I hope your company goes under.”

—From Instagram: “Vulgar waste of a classic artistic automobile. I wish nothing but despair and failure for @rag_bone !”

You won’t have to look far to find more where that came from. Meanwhile, the Porsche-obliterating clip has reeled in 1,441 dislikes on YouTube, compared to a paltry 23 likes, just right for this disastrous ad campaign. Watch Rag & Bone’s ill-advised video below.

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