The 10 Best Videogames at Redbox (August 2015)

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What do you do when you want to play a game right now but don’t want to buy it? GameFly can take a while to get a game to you. PlayStation Now doesn’t have a lot of recent releases and requires a good internet connection. Video stores don’t really exist anymore. Redbox is your best bet to rent a game at a moment’s notice and at an affordable price. Redbox currently has about 25 games available, according to their site, but not all are worth your time or money. Let us help you out with our list of the best games currently available at Redbox. Depending on your tastes, you’re all set with any of the games below.

10. MLB 15: The Show
Platform: PlayStation 4 

mlb 15 the show puig.jpg

It’s not just the almost overwhelming commitment to recreating the sport that makes MLB The Show the best on-going sports series. It’s also the endless expanse that opens up before you when you start yet another season, the trance-like rhythm you fall into game after game after game that can’t be matched by the shorter season of football or faster action of basketball. It’s the role-playing progression of the Road to the Show mode, where you level your handmade player up to the Majors. And yes, it is Sony’s fastidiousness in turning this game into a videogame, with all the details in both play and presentation necessary to make it feel as real as a videogame currently can. MLB 15 is one more year of greatness in a hall of fame career.—Garrett Martin

9. Evolve
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Evolve isn’t just a four-person co-op game. It’s a four-person co-op game where you’re trying to take down a massively powerful monster controlled by a fifth friend. The game commits to that premise, plopping you and your fellow hunters in enclosed maps mostly devoid of enemies and forcing you to track that single formidable beast. It’s elegant in its own way, but requires a bit of strategy to stay alive and take down the other side.—GM

8. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One


Playing these games feels like chasing the horizon. There’s always more loot to gather. There’s always a plot complication that drives you further along a path. There’s always more interesting ways to do more damage to healthier enemies who you are racing against to prevent them from doing too much damage to you.—Cameron Kunzelman

7. Mortal Kombat X
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Mortal Kombat X is fascinating in how parts of it seemingly want to get away from the nasty elements that made the series a household name and yet the gravitational pull of legacy and expectation is too strong. Mortal Kombat X is, in the end, no matter how much it wants to persuade you otherwise, just another Kombat game. It also happens to be one of the best ones.—Maddy Myers

6. Ultimate Action Triple Pack: Just Cause 2 / Sleeping Dogs / Tomb Raider
Platform: PlayStation 3

This combo includes three of the best action games of the last generation. Just Cause 2 is a gleeful, destructive romp through an endlessly destroyable toy box; Sleeping Dogs is GTA set in an interesting culture and with a story that aims for more than juvenile shock tactics; and the Tomb Raider reboot, as our former Assistant Games Editor Maddy Myers wrote in her review, “feels like the first step on a shaky path towards a better franchise.” It’ll take you several dozen hours to play through all three games, but if you’re just looking for variety this is a hard deal to beat.—GM

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