The Republican Cell Phone Wars Heat Up Between Trump, Lindsey Graham

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The Republican Cell Phone Wars Heat Up Between Trump, Lindsey Graham

Donald Trump, who seems to be running for the Republican nomination for president on a platform of crazy stunts and offensive quotes—not without success he would give out the cell number of his campaign rival, Senator Lindsey Graham. That happened in late July at a South Carolina campaign rally (video here), and as you might imagine, Graham’s phone blew up immediately.

Trump was harsh with his words toward Graham, calling him an “idiot” and a “lightweight,” but if you ask me, compromising his cell phone was the far bigger crime. A cell phone, after all, is a man’s castle (yeah, yeah, so is his house, but a phone is so much more critical these days, especially if you happen to be running for president).

To be totally fair, Graham had called Trump a “jackass” a day earlier, and Trump isn’t the kind of guy to just let that slide. I mean, the guy doesn’t even need an excuse to insult you.

In any case, Gawker decided that turnabout was fair play, and released Trump’s personal number yesterday.

What’s really interesting, here, is the reaction of the two candidates. Graham, for his part, posted a video of him destroying his phone, and it had a sort of Wes Anderson aesthetic. I think that’s even Futura font:

At the time, it seemed fair enough—you can’t manage a busy life when Trump’s minions are blowing up your spot every ten seconds. But how did Trump deal with the Gawker leak? By keeping his phone up and running! NBC’s Frank Thorpe found that out and posted the results on Twitter:

I’m not sure who wins this battle in the GOP technology wars. Graham gets comedy points for his video, but Trump stuck it out and proved he can eat his own medicine. Like Bush v. Gore, the outcome of this one might go all the way to the Supreme Court.