Vector is a Watch that Also Happens to be Smart

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There’s a new smartwatch in town. Vector, a previously unknown company is trying something very bold and is going head to head with large watch manufacturers like Apple in the smartwatch market.

However, while most smartwatches try to cram as many features as possible into a device the size of a medium-sized bug, Vector understands a watch’s limitations and plays into peoples’ love of actual mechanical watches. This watch is first and foremost, a watch. It’s screen stays on all the time, and the design allows it to look like a nice classic watch at a quick glance.

Among the watch faces you can choose from, one is clearly digital, while all the others are modeled off analog faces, either rectangular or circular. Also, there is no touch screen; the watch’s features can be accessed only via the three side buttons and the accompanying app.

Features of the watch include weather, fitness, and stock information, news alerts from BBC World News, The Economist, and other large publications, and a handy tool that displays your meetings on the watch face as parts of the circle surrounding the clock.

The Vector watch is simple, but it does its job very well. It does not parade flashy but useless features at you, and instead focuses on the essentials. This is a watch, but it just so happens to be pretty darn smart.

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