Will Smith is Trying to Create a New Fresh Prince-esque Show

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The internet got a little ahead of itself Thursday when news broke that Will Smith is developing plans to create a family sitcom that will be in the spirit of ‘90s classic The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. The show is being developed by Smith’s production company, Overbrook Entertainment, and Smith would serve as the comedy’s executive producer alongside Overbrook partners Jada Pinkett-Smith, Caleeb Pinkett and James Lassiter.

People took this vague, early-development news as a sign that the budding project would be a Fresh Prince reboot. And how could they not? In the time of Fuller House and female Ghostbusters, it would seem that every ratings darling of the late 21st century is getting a makeover. Can you imagine if Fresh Prince was remade in 2015? What if Smith’s son Jaden was star? Whether you’re for a remake or not, the mere idea of it gets the brain going.

But Entertainment Weekly bursted the reboot bubble when they clarified Overbrook Entertainment’s plans for their upcoming show. EW reported, “the project will only share some surface similarities to the classic NBC series in that it could be a fish-out-of-water story. As of now, there is no script, concept or network attached to the potential show.” That’s good news for those who lament Hollywood’s obsession with sequels but quite disappointing for those who are desperately hoping for the return of Carlton. Time will tell if this project materializes as a Fresh Prince reboot or just as a French Prince-inspired tale—if the project materializes at all.

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