Disney Animator Draws Ariel and Beast in Virtual Reality Using HTC Vive

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The magic of virtual reality is a little hard to get across to someone who’s never worn the headset, but tech demos like this video with Disney animator Glen Keane can get the point across pretty well.

Keane, an animator on Disney classics like The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin is using Tilt Brush, a demo that allows painting in a 3D space using the HTC Vive’s wand controllers. The amazing depth and fluid tools for creation get across just how groundbreaking this tech is, as even in this video, it’s evident how immersive this experience can be.

The video was created by Future of Storytelling, an organization that will be hosting an upcoming summit where Keane will give a lecture on tapping into your creativity. You can learn more at Future of Storytelling’s website.