Feeling Meme-ish: Family Guy

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Set to begin its 14th season, Family Guy is still going strong. Its TV history is a great comeback story that began at Fox in 1999, but then it was chucked away in 2001. In the mid-2000s it had a stint on Adult Swim, and did so well that Fox came crawling back to the Griffins.

Family Guy isn’t all low-brow, lewd, shock humor (though that is a huge part of it). It has great appreciation of musicals and has some of its own impressive musical numbers. It’s partly responsible for the trend of using those improvisational theatre’s cutaway gags that are now so popular in TV. Each episode takes around 10 months to produce because it relies solely on hand-drawn animation. And more than anything, it’s a satire of the classic American TV sitcom family setup, but turns it on its head by making all the characters pretty irredeemable. For these reasons and more, we celebrate the upcoming return of Family Guy (September 27) with these hilarious memes, gifs and quotables.

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