Video Premiere: Cheerleader - "A Million Ways"

Music Video Cheerleader
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“A Million Ways,” a track from Cheerleader’s debut LP The Sunshine of Your Youth, is a perfect low-key summer pop song. It is, at times, both saccharine and honest, with just the slightest tinge of nostalgia, and the video follows suit. It was shot by director/concept/art director Ryan Penn and director of photography/editor Paul Waters on location at The Reading Viaduct Rail Park in Philadelphia, PA, the band’s hometown, and features footage of the band’s performance at the 2015 Firefly Music Festival.

The band, composed of Joe Haller, Chris Duran, Josh Pannepacker, Carl Bahner and Paul Impellizeri, recorded The Sunshine of Your Youth as a reaction to harder times.

“We actually wrote these songs at a time in our lives when we were dealing with some heavy personal stuff,” says Haller of the LP. “It’s there if you really want to listen for it, but for us, the title is more about a state of mind than a particular time in your life…how no matter what’s going on, life can be full of wonder and beauty, as long as you’re open to these things.”

The Sunshine of Your Youth Track Listing:
1. New Daze
2. The Sunshine of Your Youth
3. On Your Side
4. Do What You Want
5. Perfect Vision
6. Haunted Love
7. A Million Ways
8. Dreamer
9. The Quiet Life
10. Little Bird

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