Riot Games Might Be Developing a New Title

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Riot Games Might Be Developing a New Title

Today on Twitter, Riot Games lead designer Ryan “Morello” Scott took to Twitter to drop a few hints about a new project for the company. Riot only has one game currently, the major PC MOBA League of Legends, but Scott hints that more may be coming soon.

The first hints of this came when Scott updated his Twitter profile to say “Lead Designer for Riot Games SUPER SEKRET THINGS (R&D).” This came alongside a Tweet:

Twitter users began to poke and prod at the oddly specific wording of that statement, which prompted a number of replies from Scott.

It’s an interesting idea, though that’s the most concrete information to go on so far. After making one of the most successful online games around, it’ll be interesting to see what Riot Games decides to do next.

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