SweetWater Brewing Co. Tackling Northeast Markets, Including NYC

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The Atlanta-based SweetWater Brewing Company will be expanding to New York City, Connecticut and central Pennsylvania.

The company, which announced its distribution to northern New Jersey with Peerless Beverage Company in June, has developed a major following along the east coast that has lead them to expand further along the coast.

“The buzz is already building about this great brewery entering the Manhattan market—we’re hearing from retailers and bars that consumers have been asking for SweetWater for a while, and we’re thrilled to be the team to deliver it to them,” Rob Mitchell, Vice President of Craft, Wine and Spirits for Manhattan Beer Distributors, announced in a press release.

Distribution into northern New Jersey and New York City (Manhattan Beer Distributors) will begin in September.

Western Connecticut (Star Distributors and A. Gallo and Co.) will start seeing SweetWater in November.

The Philadelphia area (Muller Inc.) and central Pennsylvania (Wilsbach Distributors) can expect to see SweetWater in November as well.

SweetWater Brewing Company was started in 1997 by University of Colorado roommates Freddy Bensch and Kevin McNerney. The company was named after SweetWater Creek in Georgia and is known for its rainbow trout tap handles and consistent marijuana-based puns.

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