Video: South Park Attacks P.C. Culture in Season 19 Premiere

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It should come as no surprise that South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone would take a cudgel to the monuments of political correctness society has been trying to erect for the past…year? Two years? Hundred years? Whatever the scope, they clearly want to be on the front lines of the counter-revolution, judging by last night’s season 19 premiere, “Stunning and Brave.” In their dystopic vision, frat boy types have become the new enforcers of P.C. culture. One of the first places to feel the effects is the school, as we see from Kyle’s ordeal, stemming from an offhand comment about whether Caitlyn Jenner is a true hero:

Later, they make the new tyranny more explicit as the boys’ fathers drink in a college bar where the P.C. patrol is on high alert:

Finally, as a bonus, here’s Parker and Stone summing up the NFL’s “DeflateGate” in one Eric Cartman fever dream: