Watch Colin Farrell Try to Fall in Love in The Lobster Trailer

TV Video Colin Farrell
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Well, there’s certainly a lot to digest here. In The Lobster, a new film by Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos, Colin Farrell plays a man who enters a clinic that simultaneously hates single people and helps them try to fall in love. If a subject fails within a certain number of days, he or she gets turned into an animal. Farrell’s character comes with a dog that used to be his brother—a brother that failed to find love—but has decided he’d rather become a lobster, should Cupid’s arrow fail to hit its mark. Enter Rachel Weisz, who catches rabbits in the woods and walks around with Farrell while he wears tight pants. It also features at least one cameo by the comedic genius who played Keith in the BBC Office, one of the greatest small roles in sitcom history.

On the whole, it looks incredible. The Lobster hits U.K. theaters in mid-October, but has no U.S. release date yet. You can watch the trailer above.