A Beastie Boys Musical: License to Ill

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A Beastie Boys Musical: License to Ill

A musical theater show based on the story of the Beastie Boys is in production in London called “Licensed to Ill,” even though a more apt name would be “Unlicensed to Ill.”

The production is unauthorized. “Whilst we have ensured the Beastie Boys are fully appraised of our plans for the show, this is an unauthorised production based on the Beastie Boys story,” said Simon Maeder, who will present the play along with Adam El Hager.

The show will track the life and career of the group; the website invites viewers to watch “hip hop’s most notorious pranksters as they go from teenage punk rockers to international rapping legends.” The production mixes rapping, DJ-ing, physical comedy and even puppetry.

Here’s a summary of the show that will play at The Camden’s People Theatre from Nov. 23 to Dec. 12:

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