Bibi Bourelly, the Mastermind Behind "BBHMM," Releases Her Debut Single "Ego"

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You may know that Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money” was written by a singer-songwriter named Bibi Bourelly, but how much do you know about Bourelly? Today, Bourelly stepped out of the features-shadow and released her debut single “Ego.” “Ego” is a powerful, unapologetic ballad to self confidence. Bibi hopes that the track will empower listeners “to have a little more backbone and be a bit louder.”

Bibi Bourelly has been featured on tracks with Lil Wayne, Nick Brewer and Usher. The 20-year-old is of Moroccan and Haitian descent and grew up in Berlin; she moved to the states when she was in high school to pursue a career in music. Her dad was a professional musician and head of the art department at Berlin’s House of World Culture, “I grew up with bass players from Senegal and Ghana in my kitchen talking about conspiracy theories,” Bourelly told Noisey about her multicultural upbringing.

“BBHMM” wasn’t the first time Bibi worked with Rihanna. She also wrote RiRi’s “Higher,” which she says is closer to her the style of her own music. This is evident in “Ego,” a slower paced and confident anthem. Listen to the track below, which is preceded by a brief clip of Bourelly talking about the tune’s origins and inspirations.

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