HBO Announces Girls Premiere Dates, But Where is Game of Thrones?

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HBO Announces <i>Girls</i> Premiere Dates, But Where is <i>Game of Thrones</i>?

HBO has announced premiere dates for three shows beginning in February, including Girls, Togetherness, and Vinyl.

Vinyl, which is produced by Martin Scorcese, Mick Jagger, and Terence Winter, arrives first, debuting with at two-hour series premiere on Sunday, Feb. 14—Valentine’s Day—at 9 PM. As you might have guessed by the producers, the show is about the music biz, and will be set in the raucous New York City scene of the 1970s. Bobby Cannavale is the star of the show, playing label president Richie Finiestra in a time of changing tastes and economic uncertainty.

A week later, on Feb. 21, we get the premiere of the fifth episode of Girls and the second episode of the Duplass Brothers-made Togetherness. It begins at 10 PM, after the second episode of Vinyl. I’m hoping I don’t need to remind you about Girls, but for those who missed season one of Togetherness, now is a good time to catch up—it’s a funny story of four adults who are losing their way, and Steve Zissis is a breakout star as Alex, an out-of-work actor in love with Amanda Peet’s character Tina.

As Vulture points out, though, this leaves Game of Thrones out in the cold. It’s unlikely that any of the three February shows will end before April 24, meaning the earliest GoT could start was May 1, which is far later than ever before—previous seasons premiered as early as late March, but only as late as mid-April. The pushed-back schedule may also spell bad news for a third season of True Detective in the summer, especially after the critical failure of season two.

Even with the late start, Game of Thrones will hit the airwaves before George R.R. Martin’s next book comes out, meaning that the storylines will be completely new for viewers and readers alike.

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