Speed Runner Sets New World Record for Fastest Super Mario Bros. Run

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Speed Runner Sets New World Record for Fastest <i>Super Mario Bros.</i> Run

You might pride yourself on some gaming achievements, like being able to beat “Through The Fire and The Flames” on Guitar Hero or a perfect goal in Rocket League, but can you run the entirety of Super Mario Bros. in less than five minutes?

That’s what speedrunners do, and that’s exactly what one speedrunner who goes by “Darbian” did in his new world record time in Super Mario Bros.. In a Twitch stream, Darbian managed a 4:57.627. That’s just 66 milliseconds faster than the previous title holder, but enough to give him the official title and world record. Check out his run below:

That might be exciting, but Darbian doesn’t plan on stopping. In a Reddit post he went into mistakes he made in the run that could’ve given him a better time, including 0.35 second gains he could’ve made back. Meanwhile, I’ll just go back to trying to get past World 3.

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