The 10 Coolest Videogame Vampires

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Vampires are a classic and incredibly versatile type of monster across all kinds of media—they’re certainly not just limited to videogames. A big part of that undoubtedly stems from how many cultures around the world have variations on the vampire present in their folklore—usually in the form of some sort of otherworldly something that swoops in and saps the life force of humans and/or animals before slipping off into the night when they’ve finished. Sometimes these beings are little more than monstrous animals, sometimes they’re overdramatic goth fashion plates, and sometimes they’re just regular people who like to chill out with a bloody Mary every now and then. You can find a pretty diverse range of vampires in games of course. Maybe too diverse, depending on how you feel about Reebok shoes and alien bug robots, but we’ll get to those in a bit.

1. Dracula, Castlevania


Must like the haunted house list, I really just need to get Castlevania out of the way since it’s one of the easier pulls. Dracula’s kind of the James Bond of the vampire world: He’s super sexy, super quotable, and has had so many faces and identities over the years that it can be a little hard to keep track(ula) of ‘em all, much less agree on which one’s the “best” of the lot. Even within the Castlevania series Dracula himself has taken a few twists and turns, moving from the realm of generic evil end boss to sympathetic hero. And don’t forget Kid Dracula, which is 100% not canon but definitely, definitely should be. Dracula could definitely stand to have a little more impish charm in his backstory.

2. Dracula, Drac’s Night Out


Even if you have a near-encyclopedic knowledge of games, you could be forgiven for letting Drac’s Night Out slip through the cracks. This game was finished to the point of having box art and a nonsensical tag line (“The Game that Pumps You Up”), but it never actually made it onto store shelves. If you’re curious to know what we all missed out on, Drac’s Night Out follows Dracula as he eludes villages en route out of his castle to find his love interest, Mina. He does this while wearing Reebok Pumps and picking up Reebok-branded power ups. It’s tempting to blame the early ‘90s for this nonsensical product placement, but let’s not forget about the Rockstar Thirstcutter vehicle from Mad Max earlier this year. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

3. Dracula, Space Funeral


Wait, scratch that. I can’t make this an all-Dracula list or else I won’t have anything to write about next year.

3. Kain, Legacy of Kain


There are several vampires of note in the Legacy of Kain series, but the titular immortal himself may be more interesting than all the others put together. Even when you’re playing as an anti-hero in most games, the character will often end up doing the Right Thing. They will make what is painted as the good and noble choice, because they are at heart good and noble themselves. That’s not quite the case with Kain. While the player can at one point choose to have Kain sacrifice himself to eliminate all other vampires and the threat they pose to humans, in the series’ canon he instead chooses to use his vampirism to his advantage and essentially take over the world. Apparently, having a good heart doesn’t do you any good once it’s stopped beating.

4. Brahms, Valkyrie Profile


Brahms is almost the exact opposite of Kain. He’s King of the Vampires and the enemy of Odin and the Norse pantheon, but that’s not actually a bad thing in the context of the game. Odin manipulates countless mortal lives for his own benefit and Brahms doesn’t have much patience for that kind of coldness and disrespect. He isn’t a monstrous villain who kills and tortures captive enemies, nor is he the kind of foe who shouts taunts and insults. Sure, he may look like an off-model Tekken character trying to invoke Sonic the Hedgehog, but he’s actually a pretty nice dude.

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