Undertale Fan Makes a Sequel... In a Wrestling Game?

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<i>Undertale</i> Fan Makes a Sequel... In a Wrestling Game?

The indie game Undertale has developed somewhat of a cult following. It’s a great game that reflects on older titles like Earthbound and melds gameplay and story fairly effortlessly. It’s a tale about a human, lost in a world of monsters, trying to find their way home.

So what happens when you take that and drop it into the WWE? That question is answered by none other than Alfredo Dizon, a YouTube user who has made a video sequel to Undertale, where the characters tour the world as a new wrestling federation. Warning: there are Undertale spoilers throughout the video, so watch at your own risk if you haven’t played the game yet.

This isn’t Dizon’s first effort—they’ve made mock wrestling videos for Life is Strange, Danganronpa and Mortal Kombat. These videos appeal to an oddly specific sub-section of those who enjoy both gaming culture and wrestling, but if you like them both, it’s pretty much the best thing you’ll see today.

Now I’m going to make sure I use Asgore’s Theme as my walk-up music at every possible opportunity I get.

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