Here's Yet Another Stylishly Twee Wes Anderson Parody from a Glasses Retailer

Design Video Wes Anderson
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Georgetown Optician from Georgetown Optician on Vimeo.

It’s safe to say that Wes Anderson provides perfect parody fodder. Super affected and twee, but at the same time visually stunning, with delicious color palettes, it’s what every creative wants to be doing but isn’t brave enough to pull off. Now, we have yet another Anderson-style short, this time from DC-based glasses retailer, Georgetown Optician. Glasses have already situated themselves into the twee/hipster movement, so it seems like a match made in pretentious heaven. The video, created by DesignArmy, examines an ocular-obsessed family à la The Royal Tenenbaums and attempts to cram in as many “eye” references in the voiceover as possible. It’s cute, it’s well made and I would buy the glasses, so here it is for your viewing pleasure.