Beyond The Goddamned: The 7 Best Bible-Inspired Comics

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Jason Aaron and R.M. Guera—the masterminds behind one of the greatest noir comics of all time, Scalped—have joined unholy forces once more to tell a forsaken tale set before the biblical flood that wiped clean God’s slate, allowing Him to grace the Earth with the current crop of heathens. Released this week, the pre-apocalyptic world of the The Goddamned is awash in sin and beasts, and a wandering protagonist who literally embodies the book’s title.

Biblical themes invariably run through a great deal of literature created since Christ was recorded to walk the Earth, so it’s no surprise that the secular world of comics would intersect with tales of fiery otherworldly dimensions, strange abilities like walking on water and retcons that bring beloved characters back from the dead. The seven comics below may not earn His approval, but they undeniably owe a debt to divine inspiration.