Exclusive Clip: James Franco Narrates Slaughterhouse-Five

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Billy Pilgrim’s story has enthralled readers for over four decades. The star of Kurt Vonnegut’s iconic novel Slaughterhouse-Five, Billy is captured by the Germans during World War 2 and traumatized by the bombing of Dresden. His experience as a POW causes him to become “unstuck in time,” resulting in a tale that hops through history as it follows Billy throughout his life.

Today marks the release of the Slaughterhouse-Five audiobook narrated by James Franco, the latest entry in Audible’s Vonnegut series. You can listen to Paste’s exclusive clip below and get the whole audiobook here.

Want more Vonnegut? John Malkovich narrated Breakfast of Champions for the Vonnegut series, and you can listen to a clip here.

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