Five Funny Videos from The Second City Archives

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Five Funny Videos from The Second City Archives

You probably don’t need me to explain The Second City, the legendary improv comedy theater troupe from Chicago. Since opening up in 1959, the company has helped develop some of the biggest names in comedy. We’d list a few right now, but it’s impossible to pick out even a dozen names without leaving out at least four times as many that are just as deserving. (Really, just check out this Wikipedia list and let the waves of famous comedians wash over you.) Second City has been an iconic and vital part of the comedy fabric for over fifty years now, and thankfully technology has finally let them share some of their finest work with people outside of their theaters in Chicago and Toronto. They’ve been posting videos of old performances to the Second City YouTube page for months, and here are five of our favorites. Expect to see young versions of some of your favorite comedians, from Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert to Mike Myers and Chris Farley.

1. Don’t Kid a Kidder (Second City 110 Lombard Street Pilot)

As Splitsider explains, this clip featuring Mike Myers and Richard Kind is from a 1987 pilot called either 110 Lombard or 110 Lombard Street. There’s no note of what network the pilot was for on Second City’s YouTube page, but according to the pilot was for CBS. This might be the best clip posted to Second City’s YouTube page yet, both because of the relatively high production values and because Kind and Myers are able to play this increasingly absurd situation perfectly straight.

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