Premiere: F.Y.I. - "One Thang"

Music Video F.Y.I.
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"One Thang"—the latest single from L.A. rapper F.Y.I.'s new EP Age / Sex / Locationis an urgent, propulsive anthem ready to spread its wings and take flight over the City of Angels. A fresh contribution to the current upper echelon of rappers in F.Y.I.'s hometown (including contemporaries like Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul and SchoolBoy Q), "One Thang" is an unapologetic sonic manifesto about putting every last ounce of energy into whatever it is that's most important to you. For F.Y.I., it's clearly his craft—inventive beats, sharp-tongued lyricism, Kareem-caliber skyhook choruses and all. And on "One Thang," the SoCal emcee brings it all home on the song's outro with a quick but ultra-satisfying nod to soul legend Etta James.

"The whole thing sounds like Mid-City Los Angeles on steroids," F.Y.I. says of the new single. "The sound of the song is what the city is about—aggressive, fast-paced, funky, unfuckwitable. I'm basically saying, "Sound the trumpets!" Whatever wave is out right now, it's my duty to create a tsunami coming from Mid City Los Angeles. Whoever people think is their "Top 5 MC," I want to work hard to replace one of their favorites and be that person's new favorite. That 'one thing' in my life can symbolize the mic, creativity, opportunity, my relationship with God, my goals to be a legend and well respected in hip-hop, and the intimate connection I want to share with humans who love my music. It can symbolize so much."

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