Larry David Might Actually Get His $5,000 for Heckling Donald Trump on SNL

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Larry David Might Actually Get His $5,000 for Heckling Donald Trump on <i>SNL</i>

“Trump’s a racist!” Larry David shouted at Donald Trump during the opening of the GOP presidential candidate’s monologue on Saturday Night Live. For a moment, it sounded like a legitimate heckle from the audience. Then David’s identity was revealed, and he confessed: “”I heard if I did that, they’d give me $5,000.” The moment was totally scripted—Trump knew it was happening, and signed off on it well before the show.

But the Latino advocacy group who offered the $5,000 bounty, Deport Racism, intends to make good on its offer. Maybe it was a pre-planned joke, but the deal was that anyone who heckled Trump during SNL would get the money, and at least on Twitter, they’re sticking to it:

The only problem is that David has not yet responded to the group’s efforts to send him the money (they’ve tried to contact him via phone and email). Via CNN:

[Campaign Manager Luke] Montgomery said the group won’t “take any action until we hear back from Larry,” but contingency plans are being considered.

One option is to give the money to Senator Bernie Sanders, the Democratic presidential hopeful who has been portrayed by David this season on “SNL.”

Sanders, Montgomery said, has taken “really great positions on immigration and racial equality.”

The group may also put the “bounty” up for grabs again.

“We might hold onto it and offer Larry David’s reward money to somebody who interrupts the next GOP debate in December and calls Trump a racist,” Montgomery said. That debate will be held December 15 in Las Vegas, and it will air on CNN.

The group’s website launched just a few days before the episode, and featured a video of Latino children swearing at Trump.

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