Patton Oswalt Officially Joins the MST3k Reboot

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Patton Oswalt Officially Joins the <i>MST3k</i> Reboot

In a huge announcement for the comedy and geek universes, the MST3k reboot dropped a bombshell Monday afternoon by announcing that none other than Patton Oswalt will be joining the cast as “TV’s Son of TV’s Frank,” the literal son of original Mad scientist lackey TV’s Frank. Frank was of course portrayed by the wonderful Frank Conniff in white-pompadoured glory in the show’s original run.

This is obviously a huge get for the new MST3k, even if the actual on-screen presence of Oswalt will be limited to the segments of introducing the films and tormenting the crew of the new Satellite of Love. He will join Felicia Day as “Kinga Forrester,” the new head Mad and daughter of Dr. Clayton Forrester.

The casting was announced by series creator Joel Hodgson via the ongoing MST3k Kickstarter.

You can read more in Joel’s note on the Kickstarter itself. Hopefully this announcement helps push the show even further toward its final goal of $5.5 million to make an entire 12-episode season of the reboot. The Kickstarter has already met its initial goal of $2 million to make three episodes, and seems likely to blow past its first stretch goal of $3.3 million today in the wake of the announcement. So at the very least, we should be getting 6 new episodes of MST3k. How high it goes from here is anyone’s guess, but it’s already the second highest grossing video Kickstarter of all time, behind only the Veronica Mars movie.

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