Video Premiere: The Secret Storm - "Fast Lane"

Music Video The Secret Storm
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The Secret Storm is the latest musical project from indie rocker Lauren Hoffman, who has released four albums under her own name since signing to Virgin Records back in 1997.

The Secret Storm : “Fast Lane”
Label : Girlie Action
Director/Editor : Spool
The Dragon releases December 4th

“I found myself giving advice to a young musician and saying ‘Pick a name that is not your own name…and stick with it,” explains Hoffman. “As someone who has suffered from something of an identity crisis throughout my career, it struck me that it wasn’t too late to take my own advice. I’ve never felt good about recording under my own name. The ‘Lauren Hoffman’ that shows up on the credit card receipt at the grocery store and the ‘Lauren Hoffman’ who shows up on Spotify just felt like two very different things. I’ve also never really identified with ‘singer/songwriter’ as a genre, even though I am technically a singer and a songwriter. There is this folky connotation that never quite sat right with me. But the main reason for the change is that working under the name The Secret Storm creates this a psychological distinction between me as a person and the work itself. It’s liberating.”

Today, Hoffman previews her new song “Fast Lane” from her EP The Dragon exclusively at Paste. “I let my body take the lead, I let my hands go where they please, My mouth has got an aching need to taste you,” she sings on the track.

“I’ve taken a few different turns over the course of my career, for sure,” says Hoffman, “It feels like there is a through line from my first record [1997’s Megiddo] to Choreography to these songs that I’m working on as The Secret Storm. Some of the other records I made were more experimental, but this is much more what I feel is truly ‘me’.”

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