"No More War" - The Garage Video Sessions

Music Video
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This Frontier Needs Heroes just wrapped up a cross-country summer tour with a show at The Garage, a unique outdoor venue in Charlottesville, VA. While they were waiting to play the show they filmed a video for The Garage Video SessionsThe Garage Video Sessions is filmed by Pando Creative Co. and has been featured on The Village Voice and The Wall Street Journal.

For the Garage Video Session, TFNH chose their song “No More War”, which is an upbeat powerful anti-war anthem from their self-titled debut album This Frontier Needs Heroes. Unfortunately the song is still relevant as long as we have to keep singing it every night. “Where on earth could I go/if I want to love/no place in particular/just somewhere I can grow.” TFNH is currently living on a farm in South Carolina writing material for their next album.

This Frontier Needs Heroes is currently touring as a duo: Singer/Songwriter Brad Lauretti with Sadie Frederick on violin and vocals. The two of them hit the road, along with their dog Rosie, for a 3-month musical journey across the United States. After releasing two new singles this spring, they’re excited to be recording new material at the Glow Studio in Athens, GA and playing across the Southeast this fall including festival appearances at Hickey Fest (CA), Magnolia Festival, Gamble Rogers Festival, and Gram Parsons Guitar Pull.

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