Watch Anthony Bourdain Thoroughly Enjoy Waffle House

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Watch Anthony Bourdain Thoroughly Enjoy Waffle House

Stars! They’re just like us.

By that I mean, a semi-intoxicated Anthony Bourdain loves Waffle House just as much as we do. You know we’ve all been there. Some of my favorite moments from college ended at Waffle House. After being a dancing queen all night at a bar to Arcade Fire and Passion Pit remixes and drinking one too many PBR’s, there’s nothing better than Waffle House.

This video from CNN’s Parts Unknown shows Bourdain and his buddy/fellow on-camera foodie Sean Brock indulging in the breakfast chain’s famous hash browns and of course, their waffles. I love me some Anthony Bourdain, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him look as legitimately thrilled over anything as he dug into the pecan waffle. He called it better than the French Laundry, for crying out loud.

I’m craving Waffle House now. Thank the heavens there is one literally next door to the Paste office. It is Georgia, after all.

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