Beatles Songs Were Streamed 50 Million Times in the First 48 Hours Online

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In a rather astounding show of their continued popularity, songs of The Beatles were streamed a whopping 50 million times in the first 48 hours alone after becoming available Christmas Eve. The tunes of the Fab Four hit most major streaming services early that morning, and the internet was clearly paying attention. The move of The Beatles to streaming services is a significant one for the music industry, as a titanic legacy act that still moves plenty of yearly CDs will now be available in the most widely consumed format for music in 2015, aka online streaming.

Spotify was unsurprisingly the leading source of Beatles streaming, followed by services such as Apple Music and Amazon Prime. The top 10 Beatles songs streamed on Spotify so far are as follows. You can compare this to our own list of the top 50 Beatles songs.

1. “Come Together” (1.84 million plays)
2. “Let it Be” (1.55 million)
3. “Hey Jude” (1.32 million)
4. “Love Me Do” (1.31 million)
5. “Yesterday” (1.23 million)
6. “Here Comes the Sun” (1.23 million)
7. “Help!” (1.22 million)
8. “All You Need is Love” (1.17 million)
9. “I Want to Hold Your Hand” (1.1 million)
10. “Twist and Shout” (940,000)

Not bad for an initial 48-hour period.

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