BMW AirTouch: Control Your Car's Display with the Wave of a Hand

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Technology’s stake in the future of the automotive industry increases year over year. Self-driving cars are the big draw, but many companies are finding other ways to include hi-tech in their latest models. BMW introduced an innovative, gesture based control system at CES 2015, tech that debuted in the company’s new line of 7 Series vehicles this year.

According to a new press release from the German automaker, CES 2016 will see the advancement of that control system, now dubbed “AirTouch.”

“This feature empowers intuitive control of entertainment, navigation and communication functions using simple gestures made with a flat hand,” the release says. “AirTouch allows the display in a vehicle to be operated like a touchscreen without actually having to make contact with the surface.”

It’s able to work thanks to a bevy of sensors that are in the car’s interior that record hand movements in the area between the center console and interior mirror. The company is promising simplicity with the new system, claiming it has been optimized to reduce the number of steps needed to make a particular action, like selecting a song.

No news yet as to when AirTouch could see roadways, but with CES on the horizon, answers could be coming very soon.

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