Video Premiere: Calliope Musicals - "Party Master and the Space Brigade"

Music Video Calliope Musicals
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Self-defined “psychedelic party folk” band Calliope Musicals are debuting their trippy music video for the track “Party Master and the Space Brigade” off of their brand new five-track EP freEP, available now for free via Noisetrade.

The EP comes in anticipation of the band’s upcoming full-length, Time Owes You Nothing, set to release on April 15, 2016.

“For those who have been to our live shows and asked where they can hear our new songs, freEP is the answer,” said frontwoman Carrie Fussell. “In addition to “Party Master and the Space Brigade,” the EP has three live versions of songs from the upcoming full-length album and a never-heard-before track called “Clean Alive” (definitely a step away from most of our catalogue—more laid back, maybe even more mature?).”

“My favorite part of the songs we chose for freEP is how completely raw they are,” added guitarist/vocalist Chris Webb. “These were never meant to be released, honestly…they were demos for someone else to dig their hands into. But what they amount to is a handful of tracks where the six of us are playing music with each other while someone presses ‘record’ – no flashy tracking process or overdubs, just a band performing live in a big room.”

The eclectic video for the song was designed and produced by the band and filmed by videographer Jerry Sparkman.

“We initially met Jerry Sparkman after he filmed a few of our shows,” said Fussell. “As we grew closer, he began to contribute more and more creatively to the live shows; everything from making signs to designing costumes. I think having him do our music video was the perfect next step.”

“This being our first music video, we got to take a lot of risks,” Webb added. “We had/have no idea what we are doing so it gave us a chance to explore and push boundaries we didn’t know were there.”

The band was working without a budget, so they were forced to get creative with the props and set design for the video.

“It was all about finding ways to create magic with not a lot,” Fussell explained. “Safety blankets, dryer hoses, and Jerry’s findings from the island of misfit musical instruments all made up the music video. For five days, we covered our dining room in magical space gear.”

“It was really fun to see our house transformed into a wild space sludge wonderland,” said drummer/vocalist Josh Bickley.

Watch the exclusive premiere of “Party Master and the Space Brigade” above.