Video Premiere: Eszter Balint - "Trouble You Don't See"

Music Video Eszter Balint
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Paste named Eszter Balint an artist to watch back in 2004 after she released her second album Mud. And while she stepped back from music to focus on parenting soon after, she’s delivered on that promise with this year’s long-awaited follow-up Airless Midnight, which comes on the heels of a recurring role as a Louis C.K.’s love interest in the most recent season of Louie.

Produced by her longtime collaborator JD Foster, the new album features a trio of amazing guitarists—Marc Ribot, Chris Cochrane and Dave Schramm—along with vocals from Sam Phillips. You can watch the exclusive premiere of the singer/songwriter/violinist’s brand new video for “Trouble You Don’t See” above.

“Working with Nick Nehéz, the director of the video,” Eszter Balint says, “I quickly determined that neither of us wanted any sort of concrete illustration of the song’s meaning. We just wanted to evoke a haunting mood, open to interpretation, and keep things simple, nothing elaborate—to leave ample space for the song and the viewer’s imagination. Nick showed me a photograph he had taken of his daughter in his backyard, illuminated in the darkness, as a suggested visual setting. I thought the image was absolutely beautiful, stunning in fact, and fittingly ominous—so we based the video on that image, essentially.”

Nehéz adds, “I wanted to match Eszter’s elegance as an artist. To me, the song’s themes revolve around attraction to fear, and the resulting danger and repulsion. I wanted to highlight the excitement and fear of the unknown. The video is set at night, in the forrest where everything is veiled in darkness and shadow. Surrounded by the unseen and unknown, Eszter’s presence turns defiant.”

Official Music Video for  ”Trouble You Don’t See” by Eszter Balint – from ‘Airless Midnight’ produced by JD Foster. Video by Nick Nehéz. Eszter Balint – guitar, violins, vocals; Chris Cochrane – guitar; Dave Schramm – guitar; JD Foster – bass, percussion, 12 string guitar; Devonne Harris – piano; Brian Wilson – drums.