Feeling Meme-ish: Christmas Movies

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Christmas pretty much reigns supreme as the holiday with the most movies devoted to its general themes and/or setting. For every obvious one, such as A Christmas Story or Elf, there are the movies that just take place during the season, but for which nonetheless have become, for some, a seasonal viewing destination. (Oh, how I love the unfinished Nakatomi Plaza in Christmas time.) Granted, when it comes to meme generation, Christmas probably takes a backseat to Halloween for film-related meme fun. For unscientific evidence, compare the 99 entries in our Feeling Meme-ish series regarding Halloween to the 50 in this one. (Halloween’s connection to horror is among the most potent of meme fuels.) Nonetheless, Christmas is no slouch in inspiring the would-be witty from combining words and images to create some holiday cheer. Let’s look at a few, shall we?